For Employers

Castle Law offers advice and counsel and representation in litigation to employers of all sizes from small family-owned businesses to much larger corporations.  The most effective and efficient means of avoiding potentially costly litigation is prevention.  However, avoiding litigation is not always within the employer's control.  For those situations, Tim Del Castillo can offer his knowledge and experience, gained through years of defending employers at top big law employment defense firms, with flexible billing arrangements and more cost-effective rates.  We have represented employers in arbitration, at trial, and Labor Commissioner proceedings.  We are not afraid to take a case all the way.

Having litigated cases in prominent big law firms for several years, Castle Law offers employers a wealth of employment law knowledge and practical experience.  Tim and Kent have a proven record of success litigating the most complex employment law cases.  Some cases merit a sustained and vigorous defense, but often cases can be resolved early through motion practice or settlement.  Successful litigation experience gives Castle Law a keen ability to provide an early assessment of potential exposure and defense strategy.  Castle Law offers fixed-fee and capped fee arrangements for policy review and drafting. 

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