Castle Law: California Employment Counsel, PC represents clients throughout all of California, North and South, providing representation for both employers and employees. Despite what other law firms might tell you, knowing how the other side thinks actually makes us better lawyers!

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    No one wants to be involved in a lawsuit. Unfortunately, sometimes litigation is unavoidable and it can be the only way to protect your interests. Our experienced attorneys will bring their decades of experience in state and federal courts, administrative bodies, arbitrations, and mediations to bear for you and your interests.

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    Everyone deserves to be treated fairly. When your business, job, and right to make a living are attacked you may feel as if your human dignity is threatened. We will work hard to make your situation right.

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Castle Law: California Employment Counsel, PC

Castle Law: California Employment Counsel, PC assists clients with a wide variety of employment-related legal issues. Castle Law offers employers advice and counsel to ensure compliance and representation in litigation before courts and state agencies. Castle Law also offers employees representation in disputes with their employers and former employers.

Why Choose Castle Law?

Castle Law offers the experience of attorneys who have represented business clients at preeminent international law firms for decades combined, coupled with the value, responsiveness, and personal service found only at a boutique law firm. Whether you are a small business owner, human resources professional, or employee faced with adverse employment action, let Castle Law provide a solution for your employment law needs.

All We Do Is Employment Law

Employment law can be complicated, especially in California. Staying on top of the newest cases, recent legislation, and litigation strategies is the work of an attorney focused solely on employment law. That is why Castle Law practices exclusively in the area of employment law.

Our Values

Integrity, honesty, creativity, and hard work. These are the pillars of Castle Law. We work zealously to represent our client's interests, which begins with an honest assessment of your circumstances with a goal of reaching the ideal solution for your needs. No one solution fits all cases. We know your business and your livelihood are the result of your hard work and deserve to be protected.

At Castle Law, we believe that excellent representation is increased by an ability to view employment related issues from an employer and employee perspective. Thus, in contrast to firms that choose sides regardless of the facts or circumstances of the particular case before them, Castle Law will represent both employers and employees in civil disputes. Although this commitment requires us to diligently check for conflicts and occasionally turn down particular matters, we pursue this approach because it provides unparalleled perspective, benefits, and value to our clients.


  • Beyond My Expectations

    Everything went well, since the first day of consultation. I am very pleased and satisfied with them. It went beyond my expectations how my lawyer handled everything and kept me posted of any changes. I will always recommend them to anyone. Tim is AMAZING. These testimonials or endorsements do n... Read On

  • Ability to Inspire Confidence

    The entire process went well. Castle Law is an outstanding employment law firm, and champions for their clients.  They waived the possibility of additional gain for themselves in my case to reach the early and full resolution that I sought.  They put my best interests first throughout the entire ... Read On

  • Personalized Legal Advice

    "Timothy Del Castillo has provided our company, Kolbe Academy, with excellent, timely and personalized legal advice for several years.  I have greatly appreciated his desire to truly engage in our company's issues and make a real effort to understand our desires and goals in specific situations a... Read On

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Castle Law’s goal is to become your trusted advisor and to provide real value for all of your employment law needs. To become our client’s trusted advisors, we aim to provide quality representation and sound advice time and again.


There is no charge for the initial phone consultation. Fill out the contact form on the website with detailed information about your circumstances and we will schedule a telephone appointment.