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If you have been wrongful terminated or deprived of wages that you earned, there are laws that exist to protect you.  In fact, California is one of the most employee-protective states in the country.  At Castle Law we believe that is a good thing because we believe every human being has dignity and a fundamental right to work to be paid fairly.  

We understand that most people can't afford excellent legal representation, especially if they are newly out of work.  For that reason, we represent employees on a contingency basis for attorney's fees and costs.  That means that if we represent you, you don't have to pay us anything to pursue your claims unless and until we obtain a settlement for you or win a judgment.  

We also offer free telephone consultations, so don't hesitate to call even if you're not sure whether you have a case.  Telephone consultations are always confidential.  
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There is no charge for the initial phone consultation. Fill out the contact form on the website with detailed information about your circumstances and we will schedule a telephone appointment.